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Hays Family

Nestled in the quaint yet progressive community of Porter, Texas, just a half hour north of Houston lies a hidden gem. Sitting on 4.5 acres, Cunningham Cove RV Park offers the peace, tranquility and seclusion all RV’ers enjoy along with the comforts of home nearby. Established in 2017 by husband and wife Candace and Eric Hays, the two have made it their mission to create a strong and sustainable family business to provide not just an invaluable service to RV enthusiasts, but to pass on to their loving children.


The Hays family was inspired to create Cunningham Cove while reminiscing on the amazing family trips enjoyed during their youth. In a technology driven world, family activities are increasingly becoming extinct. The days of board games, family nights and even eating at the dinner table together are becoming a memory. Cunningham Cove believes that family trips not only make family ties stronger, but also make for long-lasting memories.

With a new RV park comes new and modern features, services and amenities all RV’ers absolutely love. Cunningham Cove is an RV park with you in mind. Providing the perfect combination of privacy and community sets them apart from the rest. Whether you are just passing through or staying for a little while, Cunningham Cove makes your comfort their priority! With 41 spaces each equipped with water, power and sewer along with a private lake, showers, laundry and other facilities on premises, Cunningham Cove is your oasis away from the rat race we all call “life”.

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